Donna Lundstrom,  ASP

Accredited   Staging   Professional


I am a Certified Home Stager with 28 years experience working with families.


My passion for design began in my childhood. As a child, I decorated and moved furniture in my parents home constantly.  My bedroom was always colorful and everything was in its place!  As an adult, I moved on to decorate my friends' apartments or homes. 


In the Midwest where I lived, no one had a lot of money or had million dollar houses.  With some "simple touches" like adding the right paint color, decorative accessories, and lighting, a house could have that million dollar look!  


My favorite "touch" is to add an item of "whimsy" to a room, like a leopard pillow or wacky frame or picture, which always makes people smile!
I am also a nurse!!  I have found through the years that people seem to feel better if their surroundings are colorful, warm, and inviting!  De-cluttering a room will help to organize your mind and to improve your memory.


Your home does not have to be for sale in order to use my services.  I love to help create beautiful living spaces!  Maybe, you just want a change...


Simple changes can create soothing spaces


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Simple Design Touches  Donna Lundstrom, ASP 
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